Volume 6

“Zee has the most reprehensible family in the Galaxy. I say this as someone who successfully escaped a barbaric, overbearing father with a penchant for discipline. They told her the best move she’d made was to get away from them. Oh and also they allow a 10 year old to run rampant on one of the most vile planets (moons) I’ve ever encountered. Her farther, in particular, is reprehensible. You won’t hear me championing for a father to protect the virtue of his daughter but I like to think I draw the line at taking a paycheck from the child’s would-be murderer.

After a confounding (and enlightening) conversation with Zee’s family (during which we learned her niece is another Potential and that these rings we have function as some kind of supernatural comlink device) we ‘opted’ to see Jethro. I say ‘opted’ because it was made clear that failing to do so would result in the apartment being filled with laser-fire. Emotional blackmail is the worst kind of blackmail.

Our conversation with Jethro was… interesting. Somehow the mobsters decided not to disarm us. The initial meeting went smoothly. The corpulent slug suggested we speak with his ‘recorder droid’. Which turned out to be a decommissioned Imperial interrogation droid. After getting gassed and separated, I had about enough of Jethro’s finesse. I shot his droid. Sadly the option of continued shooting did not present itself, as the Hutt had surrounded himself with a small army of goons. Instead he extorted our extra ship out of us in payment for the droid and whatever Frank did while he was separated from us. He let Zee ‘go’ but strongly implied he was not done with her.

Our ship was tampered with in our absence. An old man in beggar’s clothing inverted our Astrogation computer. It would have sent us blindly into Wild Space. Of course, after getting a moment to discern the true coordinates, Frank surmised the intended destination. Curious as ever we decided to visit where this man intended to take us. I suspect this man is “the White”, a curious urban legend figure on Nar Shadda. This man seems connected to Zee somehow. Beyond even her knowing. I think he might be a grandfather figure. Or I hope, at least.

The planet is an unknown. A fleet of derelict ships orbit it. A space battle of some size must have taken place there. The familiar symbol of the shield and sword (shaft? spear?) appeared on the fighters, alongside a new symbol (a red circle). On planet it was clear the war had been waged centuries ago. We were chased inside a structure by a particularly large and angry creature. I would have killed it but I thought perhaps it would put the others in unnecessary danger.

The ruins were uninhabited, save by a strange species of cat-like creatures, both hostile and invisible. We dispatched a small group handily. Zee’s enthusiastic embrace of that flashy Jedi weapon worries me. It is a powerful tool but… it is symbolic as well. There are many who see it as representing the Jedi. I’ve no interest in putting a larger target on my head. Let alone the possibility of lost digits.

We found more of the rings, as well as a throne room, a roster of some kind, and a strange reactive crystal. One of Zee’s relatives (presumably ancient) appeared in the roster. I have to assume this is what the White wanted her to see. I do not know what investment he has in such education. Though I suppose any education would be an improvement.

Frank spent a good portion of the expedition looking for old parts and technological relics to sell off-planet. I could not help but wonder how old he is, as we wandered around that unnamed planet. Once we get to Mon Cal. I will have to investigate further. Alongside this mysterious battle and the people who fought it.

Cassus spent most of the trip on the ship, nurturing a broken leg. I’m not sure how exactly he broke his leg, as we spent much of the trip either unconscious or separated I choose to believe it was doing something valiant.

Volume 6

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