Drake Vanesh

Drake is a young man in his late teens, slightly gruff, with a clear (but fading) Imperial upbringing.


Species: Human Career: Bounty-Hunter Specialization: Gadgeteer, Force Sensitive Exile
Characteristics: Brawn: 2, Agility: 3, Intellect: 4, Cunning: 2, Willpower: 3, Presence: 2
Skills: Computers: 1, Discipline 2, Mechanics: 1, Piloting (Planetary): 1, Streetwise: 1, Vigilance: 1, Brawl: 1, Ranged (Light): 4, Knowledge (Core Worlds): 1, Knowledge (Education): 1
Talents: Armor Master, Convincing Demeanor, Deadly Accuracy, Dedication (Willpower), Defensive Stance, Force Rating, Jury Rigged, Sense Danger, Sense Emotions, Street Smarts, Tinkerer, Toughened, (2)Uncanny Senses
Powers: Influence [Control Upgrade, Range Upgrade], Move [(2)Control Upgrade, Magnitude Upgrade, (2)Range Upgrade, (2)Strength Upgrade]
Soak/Defense: 6/0 Threshold: Wound:14/Strain:12
Force Rating: 2
Equipment: Lena (Ranged [Light]; Damage 7; Critical 2; Range [Medium]; Stun Setting, Superior, Telescopic Sight [Reduce difficulty of attacks at long and extreme range by 1; Mod: Natural Marksman (Reroll one Ranged (Light) or Ranged (Heavy) per session] ),Modded Blaster Pistol (Ranged [Light]; Damage 8; Critical 3; Range [Medium]; Stun Setting, Blaster Actuating Module (Pierce 2, Damage +2(already added)), Ionization Pistol (Ranged [Light]; Damage 10; Critical 5; Range [Short]; Disorient 5, Stun Damage (Droids)), Grenade, Brass Knuckles (Brawl; Damage 3; Critical 4; Range [Engaged]; Disorient 3, add 1 Setback to Perception check to detect), Bola (Ranged [Light]; Damage 2; Critical -; Range [Short]; Ensnare 3, Knockdown, Limited Ammo 1, spend Triumph to entangle target) , Laminate, Backpack, Utility Belt, Long-Range Comm, Sabaac Deck, Hand Scanner, Tool Kit

Bounty Hunter [Athletics, Perception, Pilot(Planet), Pilot Space, Streetwise, Vigilance, Brawl, Ranged(Heavy)]
Gadgeteeer [Coerce, Computer, Mechanics, Ranged(Light)]
Force Sensitive Exile (+1 Force Rating )


It was Cassus who made it all clear.

Father was tough, but in all the wrong ways. Curfews, insistent on homework, academic. Commander Iiador Vanesh wanted his son to follow in his footsteps. Drake was clever. Too clever, some would remark. Often trouble for his teachers and prone to outbursts. By the time he was 10 Drake had already determined he would rather be a soldier than an officer. The thought of his son running around with bunch of troopers smelling of combat and body odor was too much for the Commander to bear.

The transfer to the Exactor was sudden. Drake and his father had transferred to several star ships at that point, since his mother Lena had died. This one was different. Darth Vader had made a special request for capable officers after several mysteriously died on mission. Iiador was nervous about the move. Nervous, but hopeful – both for his own ambitions, and for his son, who was transferring into one of the most prestigious on-ship academies in the fleet.

It was a lost soldier who showed Drake how to fill in the gaps in his education. Where the academy had taught him about alien psychology, Cassus taught him about the psychology of a fist fight. Where the academy taught him how to slice a commlink, it was Cassus who taught him how to fire a blaster. Where the academy taught him the schematics of a star ship, it was Cassus who showed him how to fly a speeder through a crowded hanger bay.

After years with no almost no interaction with this real father, years of being fed a litany of ideas that bored and infuriated him, Drake made a decision to leave the Exactor.

Holo Diary of Drake Vanesh

Drake Vanesh

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