Volume 7

“We endured a day of dull mysteries.

The Empire infects everything, and even near the Rim they have wrapped their tentacles around the tentacles of the sea people who live here. We were greeted by an Imperial informant who I am sure would have recognized me had it not been for my clever disguise. We then struck off in search of information on Zee’s ancestory.

As it turns out the girl is royalty. Or potential royalty. I get the impression her bloodline is more prolific than the grains of sand on Tattooine, but it’s still a notable discovery. Unfortunately in the process of snooping around Frank managed to trip an alarm at a local museum which resulted in a shootout with a platoon of Stormtroopers. We managed to dashingly escape at great expense to the local antiquities. Also Cassus may have killed an Imperial officer when I explicitly told him to take the man hostage. But then I can hardly fault anyone for killing Imperials, given my first interaction with them some months ago.

Undeterred we freed our ship and flew it to some other floating death trap where we promptly made friends with the local elderly fish people. (Or squid people, they’re equally bizarre.) They had nothing of worth to tell us, but we are at least here at a casino. Surrounded by money.

Something strange happened while we were trying to get back to our ship. Something I’m concerned about. It seemed that things were stacked against us; the city’s defense grid wasn’t responding to Frank’s tender ministrations and the guards seemed determined to actually defend the things they were sent to defend. Then without warning or influence from us, the whole thing shut down. I don’t like to think something is looking out for us. I’m even more concerned about the prospect that someone is looking out for us."

Volume 7

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