Volume 3

Nar Shadda remains a terrible pit. If it weren’t for the extremely lucrative jobs this cesspool generates, I would begin plotting its destruction.

The Baron got ahold of us through one of his agents. This agent informed us that a shipment of Bacta had become ‘lost’ somewhere along the trade route to Nar Shadda, and he needed us to figure out what happened to it. On the way out of the spaceport an uppity would-be inheritee decided that his father’s will (which involved being dumped into a volcano) was not binding, in the strict sense, and tried to blow us out of the sky for carrying out our lawful duty. So we jumped to hyperspace. I don’t think any us want to test the effects of missiles on our shiny new ship.

In hyperspace, Zee discovered a datapad, amulet, and ring in the old man’s casket. As our contract did not technically specify that those things needed to fall into an open pool of magma, she acquired them. I do not personally condone graverobbing, but she seemed curious about it, and frankly I’m more interested in learning what makes her tick than I am in upholding my qualms about stealing from the dead. Also she is a girl, and I am not sure precisely how to disagree with her.

Following the lost shipment halfway around the galaxy finally let to some backwater mining planet. Turns out the shipment had been captured by a group of mercenaries. Other clone troopers. They were working on contract for Jethro the Hutt and I’m glad it did not come to blows, because I do not particularly want to test Cassus’ loyalty to his former ‘friends’. Thankfully we were able to board the Hutt transport when it arrived for picked up and kill everybody on board.

Frank has a bunch of droid-brains in jars somewhere on the ship trying to work through the old man’s data-pad. I did not know he was keeping deranged droid brains in jars and I am disturbed he has no considered that they will likely go insane, given enough time. They do come with a handy reset button but I don’t like to remind Frank that his consciousness comes with a reset button.

Volume 3

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