A New Beginning

Episode 8

The party received an encoded and costly hyper-transmission from the Baron as they left Mon Calamari. After quickly figuring out his code they realize he’s sending a SOS message from the coral moon of Rugosa. They find they have arrived second, but that doesn’t matter since the first arrival was blamed for a break in security and their captain was killed and their functional ship was salvaged for part’s to repair his corvette. The party was given the mission of retrieving Zolo’s son from the crazed Jedi who attacked his ship. After some unfriendly fire from his base and a strange encounter with the natives, our adventurers plan and succeed on a full scale assault of his base on Ryoone. They capture their a Bith techie who was working for him to hand over to Zolo. They would’ve handed over the Jedi as well if Cassus hadn’t executed him after he was beaten.



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