A New Beginning

It is a dark but quiet time for the GALACTIC EMPIRE. Emperor Palpatine’s measures to keep the Core Worlds safe from the rebellious Jedi are popular with the Imperial Senate and the many worlds it represents.

Those left who use the Force are scattered throughout the Galaxy. Some use their powers to elevate themselves above their fellow sentients, while others refuse to use those gifts out of fear of discovery.

During a long delivery run for Baron Zolo, the freighter, Rust Bucket, failed and crashed on an unknown planet. The crew must finish this delivery before their gangster patron assumes they stole the cargo, but first they need a new ship…

The year is 16 BBY (meaning Before the Battle of Yavin, which is the battle when Luke found a small grate to fire through to blow up Death Star 1). It has been 3 years since the Jedi’s treason was made public and their purge began.

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, now known as Emperor Palpatine, has taken full control of the Galactic government.. In the Galaxy’s best interest and in the interest of democracy, he has proclaimed it a Galactic Empire and gone through great lengths to shore up its security so as to never fall victim to such influences again.

Darth Vader, who was once a Jedi himself, caught wind of the Jedi’s treasonous ways and revealed their plans to Emperor Palpatine. He was then charged with their extermination and lead the 501st Legion in a march on the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. After the Battle of Coruscant, Vader had two very publicized victories over the fleeing Jedi. He knowingly walked into a trap at the Jedi Conclave on Kessel and brought more than fifty Jedi to justice single-handedly. Then he discovered that the Wookiees were offering the fleeing Jedi safe haven on Kashyyyk. In the Battle of Kashyyyk, Vader led a ground assault while being supported by Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, whose fleet bombarded the once beautiful Kashyyyk from low orbit. No Jedi survived Vader’s hand in this battle and those Wookiee who did not flee in their cowardice are now enslaved to the Empire.

It is unknown how many Jedi have survived to date, but the Empire has let all citizens know that the Great Jedi Purge will continue and any information about these fleeing Jedi is your civic duty and will be greatly rewarded.

A New Beginning

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